A day afloat

Paul Phillips with his first Grayling

Jed Grayston with an impressive Salmon

A great day on Stocks reservoir, this was a prize at an charity auction and Chris went out of his way to make sure that the day went without a hitch, his skills on knowing the water and his boat handling are excellent, I had a great fishing experience.

Bob Carlson

What a day I had fishing with Chris! I have spent many days fly fishing all over the US. Whether it is chasing Tarpon in Florida, or trout in Colorado, Montana and Wyoming. Therefore, I was not sure what to expect fly fishing in the UK.

After fishing with Chris. I would go back and do that any day! Easy matches other places I have fished. Chris gave me the rod and flies and put me on the fish. Fishing for Grayling was on my bucket list and I certainly accomplished it. I don’t think Chris expected me to out fish him, but I think he was happy regardless! Haha!

Overall, would recommend this for any skill level of fly fishing looking for a great day on the water.

Paul Phillips

II had a lesson with Chris ahead of a trip chasing spring-run salmon.

He was given the daunting task of teaching me how to cast a double-handed rod in one morning.

I was nervous prior to the lesson, but there was absolutely no need to be. Chris put me at my ease and made an honest and accurate assessment of my ability in 20 minutes, before we set to work.

During our session, we worked on my roll cast, single Spey, double Spey and Snap-T.

Whilst none were picture perfect, I was able to get out a consistent straight line.

Crucially, Chris gave me practical tips to choose the most appropriate cast (based on set-up, wind direction etc.) self-diagnose faults and correct them.

This led to me successfully catching a spring-run fish from the Welsh Wye four weeks later; a fish I am confident I wouldn’t have caught without our lesson!

Thanks again

Jed Grayston